About MyHomeworkSpace

MyHomeworkSpace helps you plan and organize your life. It provides an online planner along with tools to help make sure you never fall behind on your homework, tests, or quizzes. Currently, it's only available to Dalton students, but we are working on expanding it!


These people actively work on MyHomeworkSpace

William Barkoff

Class of 2020

Joshua Fielding

Class of 2019

Former Team Members

These people don't actively work on MyHomeworkSpace anymore, but they are still involved with the MyHomeworkSpace team.

Alex Mazansky

Class of 2022

Emlyn Mileaf-Patel

Class of 2019

William Weinstein

Class of 2019

Open Source Software

MyHomeworkSpace is Open Source Software, meaning that all of our code is freely available for anyone to use. (Don't worry, all of your user data is kept secure).

All MyHomeworkSpace software is licensed under the MIT License and is stored in our GitHub organazation, MyHomeworkSpace.

GitHub contributors

We'd also like to thank the following people for contributing to the MyHomeworkSpace repository on GitHub. Want your name here? Contribute!

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MyHomeworkSpace is built with these open-source projects. Without them, what you see here would not have been possible.

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